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In each of our kits there are several interesting facts about key components. The facts for each educational card vary based on the difficulty level of your kit. You can keep the cards with you to help in your future kits or endeavors!



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There's not many creative projects that you can solder together, especially as a beginner to the hobby. Learn how to solder with simple, but detailed instructions. Each kit, once completed, can be placed around your house or workspace to show off the great accomplishment of soldering and learning.

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Working With Components

Understanding how certain electrical components work can sometimes be frustrating. Each kit offers a different variety of components for you to learn about. Some kits are basic and include LEDs and resistors, while others are more advanced and use motors and IC Chips. There are several educational cards within each kit difficulty level, so you can enjoy putting together several basic kits and receive different fun facts about the same components!

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Our kits are affordable, easy to assemble, and provide a fun experience.



Our kits are affordable, easy to assemble, and provide a fun learning experience.

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