About us

Our company was unofficially founded on October 24th of 2019 with a simple goal in mind, help expose young, developing minds to the ever-expanding world of electronics. Growing up as a soldering hobbyist, Reese Houseknecht (CEO of 3D Circuitry) recognized the challenges that came with this practice and was determined to find a way to procure success in kid’s future STEM careers, much like his own. By devising these educational kits, a unique, affordable, and great looking project with engaging and easy-to-follow instructions will most certainly motivate our customers to want to dive deeper into the world of electronics. However, this feat did not come without years of dedicated research and remodeling. The original 4 kits produced by 3D Circuitry were designed to be a modest cactus, house, spaceship, and the iconic Twin Towers. These first editions lacked many of the important considerations our product contains today. Some examples include the added detailed instructions, associated web links, and a product much more intriguing to the eye. Our company is wholeheartedly dedicated to this cause in motivating children to seek highly sought-after careers in STEM, and will continue to expand the potential of our product to create a better and better educational experience.


Our story

Our founders and initial project team originate from the same, small town in Pennsylvania. This connection, along with a shared passion for distance running, is what generated such a passionate effort in developing 3D Circuitry. This talented group was able to pull from their experiences in marketing, mechanical engineering, and project operations to lay a strong business foundation. This did not come without hurdles, as one of the executives, Carter Houseknecht, was deployed with the US Army to the Middle East for much of the initial framework process. Rest assured, the business was not neglected during this time. The team is passionate about 3D Circuitry becoming a household name, and will spare no second to ensure our kits stay innovative and give rise to the next STEM career generation.


Meet The Team

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