Build a house fit for a robot! The house requires only basic knowledge of soldering to complete. The boards fit together easily allowing for an easy build. Learn a little bit of information about the LEDs and resistors used in this project.

House Kit

SKU: 0012
    • Ground PCB
    • Front Wall PCB
    • Back Wall PCB
    • Side Wall PCBs
    • Roof PCBs
    • Bush PCBs
    • Flower PCBs
    • Fence PCBs
    • 1k Ohm Resistors
    • Switch
    • White LEDs
    • Yellow LEDs
    • Green LEDs
    • Blue LED
    • Red LED
    • 9V Battery Connector
    • Informational Instruction Manual
    • Educational Cards
    • Soldering Iron
    • PCB Holder
    • Diagonal Cutters
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Confused about your instructions? Watch the video tutorial to help guide you with your kit assembly!

Watch A Video

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